Moving the italian handmade from the working desk to the lounge.

All the chairs are 100% made in moving: they are designed and realized completely in-house. Idea, research, project; and then selection of raw materials, realization and quality control. From the production of the mould to the final assembling of the chair and its test. All under one roof, guaranteed and signed by moving. This is combined with the design and style, the aesthetics and elegance that make italy famous all over the world.

High quality is the characteristic that for 40 years has distinguished the products of all companies in Lovato manufactoring, which are continually perfected following the technological progress of production. Quality and production management systems assimilated the various standards and regulations in the sector concerning specific types of product to reconcile quality, design and safety in respect of production logics, as well as the end consumer, as confirmed by product certifications.